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Please fill out the boxes opposite and give as much information as possible about your vehicle. This will help us determine the correct glass required as most modern or imported cars have various options available. These range from rain and light sensors, tints or top tint options, head up display, lane change warning systems, proximity sensors, heat reflective  and heated windscreens.

So what are the options,

CLEAR - Standard clear glass

TINTED - Slight tint, often green, standard on most modern european vehicles

TOP TINT - Top of screen has a darker shaded area to reduce glare from the sun

HEAT REFLECTIVE - The windscreen has a titanium interlayer that helps to reduce cabin temperature and make the air conditioning more effective. Generally the screen has a purple/blue appearance

HEATED SCREEN - The windscreen has heater elements within the inter layer, also known as quick clear.

RAIN SENSOR - Windscreen wipers automatically operate when it rains

LIGHT SENSOR - Lights automatically turn on when it gets dark

HEAD UP DISPLY - Information, such as speed, temperature and fuel range is projected onto the screen in front of the driver

LANE CHANGE WARNING - The vehicle delivers a warning if the driver wonders across a carriage way

PROXIMITY SENSORS - Vehicle delivers a warning if another vehicle gets too close, or if you get too close to another vehicle

Your vehicle could have a combination of the above options, so giving as much detail about your vehicle will ensure the correct glass is ordered and the time taken to replace the screen is reduced.

Feel free to call us on: 01327 704749 or 07968 214684

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