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Terms and conditions

You are responsible for payment of the full cost of  any work carried out..  Where Ultimate Windscreens are able to bill your insurer directly, we will do so and, in most instances, you need only pay the excess. We will seek payment of the remainder from you only if, for whatever reason (including any limitation in cover on your policy), your insurer fails or refuses to pay some or all of the charges.
Any amount you owe that will not be paid by your insurer (and VAT if applicable) is payable prior to the time the work is carried out.
If you are not insured, we ask that you pay in full prior to the time of completion of the work.
If you are VAT registered, the VAT amount on your bill is payable prior to the time of completion of the work, even if we are billing your insurer.

Windscreen repairs

Ultimate Windscreens will always attempt to repair a chipped windscreen rather than replace it. However there are a few things to bear in mind regarding chip repairs.
1. There will never be 100% clarity, the repair system is designed to restore the strength of the screen and prevent further damage.
2. There is a possibility the damage could spread whilst a repair is being carried out. If this happens, Ultimate Windscreens accepts no responsibility. You can claim for a replacement windscreen through your insurance and pay the excess, minus any payment already paid.
3. Ultimate Windscreens will repair your windscreen to British safety standards BS242a.  However, Ultimate Windscreens are not MOT inspectors, it is down the testers discretion weather the repair will pass an MOT.

Student discount

Ultimate Windscreens offer a 10% discount with proof of a valid student card.
This applies to insurance excess payments, glass repairs and non insurance covered work. It does not cover wiper sales.