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Windscreen Repair

When a windscreen becomes chipped, from flying debris or stones on the road, it can weaken the strength of the screen. Over time this can lead to a cracked windscreen. It’s always in your best interest to act quickly when a windscreen is chipped, to prevent any more drastic damage to the window.  As windscreens are laminated, they can be effectively repaired for a fraction of the cost of a replacement – returning the screen back to it’s original strength.

Ultimate Windscreens are qualified and experienced in the repair of windscreen chips. We use an Esprit repair system, a professional repair tool for windscreen chips and defects. This tailored equipment injects an approved resin into the damaged area, between the top layer of glass and vinyl interlayer. After this injection, a UV light is used to cure and harden the resin and once repaired the integrity of the glass is restored. Once polished, the results of the repair are almost invisible.

Ultimate Windscreens will always exhaust all possible repair opportunities before offering a windscreen replacement – saving you time and money.

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